Recent Work

Coachella Valley Cannabis Alliance Network (CVCAN)

Coachella Valley Cannabis Alliance Network (CVCAN) is an organization that provides a productive voice for the cannabis industry in Coachella Valley through innovative and effective programs in development, operations, regulations and outreach.  They needed a design that looked local but branded to attract cannabis related industries to network, educate and promote the fast-growing cannabis industry in the Coachella Valley.  The website needed a membership database and offer several packages.   The website is:


Functional Nutrition Health & Wellness Coach

The Gutsy Lady, a nutritionist and wellness coach by Diane Guillory, has a decade of nutrition coaching under her belt.  She added a new certification to focus on the gut.  She needed a website and social media marketing.   We developed a website, email marketing campaign, blog and social media campaign.  Within a few months, she acquired 9 clients and is going strong.

Vida Cleanse Yoga & Fasting Retreat

Yesenia Johnson has been conducting successful wellness retreats for the last 5 years at The Spring Resort & Spa in Desert Hot Springs.   She wanted to double her business with private retreat offerings as well as a sell product online.  Her target demographic are Adults 35+ with a healthy lifestyle in California.  First, we set up a professional photoshoot, then rolled out a new website, created a targeted social media and email campaign with promotions, articles and Blogs.  We are now developing a loyalty program.


Miller's Glass & Tinting

This serial entrepreneur is new to digital solutions and she just launched another business.  Coming from the construction industry, she is sure to be a hit.  We want to highlight her experience in the home improvement industry even through her company is new.  First impressions are everything, so a new website, social media presence, great content and images are key.  Next will be a reputation management program.


Palm Springs Windmill Tours

The Palm Springs Windmill Tours is a private wind farm that is the commercial wind farm in the U.S. They wanted to increase their business and fill up their buses.  The goal was 30% YOY.  We started by targeting convention meeting planners, travel industry professionals as well as third party booking engines through partnership outreach, social media and email campaigns.  In just 6 months we ended the season with 341% YOY!  We are now implementing a Concierge Affiliate Program as well as a Billboard and online dispay ads.   Come join the tour!


Platt Wellness

Dr. Michael E. Platt was seeing a drop off in customers in the last 2 quarters.   In this competitive online environment of nutrtional products, he was dropping in searches.  He was also not communicating with his existing customer base on his expertise and product promotions.  After a full analysis of his business using website analytics to find what triggered his customers to purchase, we found they were twice as likely to purchase if they visited his Blog.  His customers wanted to be educated.   So, we created a series of Blogs and pushed this content out on his social media handles and email newsletters.  We created a YouTube Channel which received 400% more engagement and clicks throughs to his website and SHOP button.  We also implemented bio-monthly emails with offers to his current customers. In just the second month, he received 53% more customers on PayPal.  We also created a new website and eCommerce platform that allowed them more ecommerce solutions to be more aggressive with promotional offers, re-targeting and loyalty programs.  In addition, we placed him on various national podcasts that have resulted in exponential growth through influencers.  Year ending 2019, we were over 400% in revenue!

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